This chapter will be as short as the one on atherosclerosis. The topic has been discussed quite thoroughly on the blog, it remains to leave a link to the article:

In a nutshell, what to do to minimize your risk:

  • follow a diet similar to the Mediterranean or Ornish diet
  • supplement with omega 3 or consume fatty species of fish
  • use ways to increase IGF-I that do not increase the risk of other conditions – in practice, this means magnesium supplementation
  • supplement zinc (which will further increase IGF-I levels), but at the same time remember to supplement copper, which disappears from the body when you overdo zinc
  • move around, the more the better
  • replace ordinary salt with “dietary” salt, with the addition of potassium chloride
  • in case of a fatal diet, additionally supplement potassium
  • control blood pressure

Recommendations for supplementation, of course, do not apply to people who are not deficient, in practice, however, it is difficult to diagnose whether someone is deficient in zinc or magnesium, ordinary blood tests will not show anything here, more expensive tests for intracellular content should be done.

In addition, a substance known by the acronym DMSO in animal studies very strongly reduced the effects of stroke. The results were truly staggering. An identical effect would most likely be produced by its twin, but much safer to use, version known as MSM, organic sulfur. However, it remains to be seen whether supplementation with small doses would have the desired effect, or whether very high doses would be necessary just before or during a stroke.

MSM in itself is quite an interesting substance. I’m not sure it can be recommended in good conscience, because research is in its infancy and will probably remain so, it’s not something that can be patented and thus make money on sales. We only have some preliminary studies, and they are really interesting.

Even several times lower risk of certain cancers in animals, significant reduction of allergy symptoms in humans, positive effect on the complexion, strong protective effect in osteoarthritis. Among my acquaintances, people who used it were not simply satisfied, but delighted with the effects.

In my case, just a few days were enough to permanently get rid of a rather serious injury that had been dragging me along for many years. The tinnitus also disappeared in those few days. But as I wrote, research is in its infancy and no one knows what the long-term effects of use will be.

I do not recommend high doses, as they can exacerbate insomnia and nervousness, even to the point of anxiety disorder.