Fullerene C60

Fuleren C60 is a rather mysterious substance. I can not recommend it with a clear heart, because it is not fully studied. Initial clinical trials on animals showed very promising results, quite a few people “experimented” on themselves, also experiencing great improvements. In animals it prolonged life, literally rejuvenating them. Humans enjoyed significant improvements in health and well-being.

The question is whether it has side effects, and if so, what kind. Apparently, fullerene somehow “resets” the settings in our cells. What if it changes, for example, immunity against disease and our blood cells “forget” how to fight something? A few people have had kidney problems after using it (but it’s possible that it was caused by something completely different and just timed out). It’s also unknown what its effect is on offspring. No one would want a barking baby with 8 legs. Well, almost no one…

Some studies have found that fullerene can damage DNA/RNA. Other researchers point to its protective role against oxidative stress. What is it really like? Can it be based on studies using rats, which live much shorter lives, and so most simply will not have time to develop some of the “late” consequences?

The doubts are there, but the fact remains: clinical trials continue to show a life-extending effect. In one recently published, the administration of fullerene C60 to rats prolonged their lives almost TWICE. Presumably, this is the effect of abolishing oxidative stress associated with old age, so it can be achieved by other methods without too much trouble, but this is only a hypothesis.


I recommend exploring the topic on your own, there is currently not enough research to in good conscience recommend or advise against the use of this substance. I am also unable to provide any information on the quality of the supplements available.

On the longecity forum, entirely devoted to issues of longevity and better health, there is an entire section just about fullerene C60. Unfortunately, not much comes out of it; it’s hard to judge the effect of a substance in someone who uses 30 different supplements at once, which is what the regulars can do.

Also, it should not be judged on the basis of individual cases, because we will come to the fact that the uncle never smoked and died of lung cancer, and the grandmother of a colleague of a friend from work smoked all his life and is alive. Wanting to choose the optimal strategy, one has to take into account probabilities.