Who among us would not like to live to a ripe old age? Everyone is afraid of death, everyone feels the fear of old age and the infirmity irreversibly associated with it. Longevity and eternal youth is probably everyone’s dream. There are many alternative or unconventional ways, but the vast majority of them are scams. On the site I have tried to separate those that don’t work from those that have some scientific justification, contrary to appearances, natural ways such as herbs are often at least preliminarily researched.

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The main role is of course played by genes, no one can change what nature has equipped him with. Therefore, there is no point in dwelling on the genetic lottery, you have to work with what you have. On the other hand, a great deal of what we consider “innate” are actually inherited behavioral patterns – for example, it has been shown that adopted children often have a cancer risk more like their adoptive rather than natural parents. They simply learn the eating habits that determine their risk of disease.

It is not an art to live to a late age, but in a state of extreme infirmity. Joe Rollino, who lived for 105 years, died recently in an accident, hit by a truck during his daily multi-mile walk. On his previous birthday, he showed off in front of his family by bending coins in his real teeth. He was a lifelong vegetarian and paid very close attention to supplementation. Yes, he really existed:


A description of his diet is on this subpage:


Ways to achieve longevity and prolong youthfulness

One of the biggest risks of old age is osteoporosis. It is also probably the easiest to avoid. You don’t need any supplements, strange diets or adherence to rules. All you need is an occasional workout at the gym. That’s all.

A bit more difficult is to guard against atherosclerosis. Here, unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, there are no supplements, there is not that one strange trick that the ads scream about. You have to follow a healthy diet, in addition, not the tasty one recommended by charlatans (that’s the reason charlatans are so popular, they offer tasty lies instead of the bitter truth), but a boring, plant-based one.

Many people are afraid of losing their senses, progressive dementia, or even Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. This is where dietary supplements can play a very big role. It has been shown that a higher-than-average intake of zinc or vitamin B12 can perfectly protect against the disease. As in most chronic conditions, diet can make a big difference.

Statistically, one in two people will develop cancer, one in four will die from it. Avoiding this risk is the biggest challenge. Here, even diet reduces the risk only to a certain extent. A few supplements or herbs have proven effects. But really, the only strategy is to follow all these rules and count on having good genes, because they are largely responsible for everything.

No one, of course, will live forever thanks to the information on this site, nor can it be guaranteed that all the methods described here will work for everyone. After all, a great deal depends on the case, and medicine probably knows of no therapy that has 100% effectiveness. Nevertheless, from a purely statistical point of view, using the methods recommended here you can get a few to several years of life, in much better health.

The site lists methods of self-medication for self-administration without medical consultation, based on medical advice on general principles of health observance, or descriptions of success that patients have achieved and are sharing with the world. We are not urging anyone to abandon official medical treatment. The advice described here in no way attempts to imitate a doctor’s consultation or diagnosis, nor is it medical advice in any sense of the word. You follow them at your own risk, and I strongly encourage you to check the veracity of any information found on the Internet and to deepen your knowledge.

I invite you to read and wish you good luck!