Smooth skin

There is no miraculous way to preserve full beauty and undo wrinkles. If there was such a thing, it would be making waves on all women’s forums. Of course, you shouldn’t always believe the wisdom of the collective of people, for example, the therapy I described against anxiety has, so far, almost 100% success rate in forum participants, and yet people prefer to be seriously ill all these years, sometimes unable to leave their own apartment. The desire to identify with the group is stronger than the pursuit of health. It’s safe to say that most people would rather die than expose themselves to ridicule by checking out a therapy that their friends said didn’t work. This is also the case with wrinkles, of course, but only to a certain extent. You can slow their development, you can even gently reverse them, but no supplement will make you 20 years younger.

In fact, the only thing that can be done is prevention. If the skin becomes seriously wrinkled and saggy, the only thing left is probably plastic surgery or Botox-type treatments. However, following a few simple rules and using a few supplements can significantly postpone this moment in time. Once again, I repeat: wrinkles are not cured, they are prevented.

Of course, sunlight should be avoided if it should fall directly on the face. Lack of sunlight is lethal for us and leads to severe, sometimes fatal diseases, to make matters worse, the face and hands are often the only elements that we can easily uncover during, for example, a walk, and at the same time it is mainly there that we want to maintain a smooth complexion. Here there are no simple solutions, of course, vitamin D3 supplements will largely remedy this, but they will not be a 100% effective substitute. Everyone must choose the golden mean here himself.

A substance called beta alanine is very effective. It has a number of other health-promoting benefits, and should be the basis of every supplement kit of a person taking care of his body. There are creams on the market with it or with carnosine (carnosine is what we’re after, but the body will easily produce it from the much cheaper beta alanine), but they are not very effective (if at all), because simply these molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. They will only work if they are eaten. In one study, mice that received beta alanine admittedly did not live longer than the control group, but they retained a youthful appearance into old age. Human skin behaved similarly in another study.

For obvious reasons, no one has yet tested the difference in the rate of aging with supplementation for 50 years in humans. You should use about half a gram a day, while in the first phase – even a few grams to make up for deficiencies. The suggested way during this first phase is a morning dose of 1.5 to 2 grams, followed by 0.5 to 1 gram every few hours. The first large dose is designed to block the enzyme that breaks down beta alanine for the day. Caution, you should not take more than 2 grams in a single serving, because of the completely harmless, but very unpleasant skin pinching that can occur.

A study in which a blend of MSM, hyaluronic acid and carnosine significantly improved the firmness and elasticity of patients’ skin:

Carnosine severely reduces taurine levels, so by taking it for a long time, you MUST take breaks and for, say, a few weeks take only taurine, in higher doses, even several grams a day.

In one clinical trial, fish collagen (10 grams a day for several months) proved effective in reversing lesions. The effect was very small, but pronounced. You can read reviews somewhere “I took it, it didn’t work!” – and they are basically true, except that these people expected to turn back the clock by 10 years in a few days. The effect was there, only that it was small. It would be clearly visible only after many months and when putting people in the collagen group and the placebo group side by side. Perhaps an identical result would be produced by using glycine and possibly proline. However, if one wanted to play around with such a thing for a long time, one should keep in mind that collagen will lead to tryptophan being flushed out of the body, which can end up in lowered mood or even severe depression. This can be corrected by supplementing this amino acid in parallel.

Research involving collagen has one drawback. He is a fairly effective home remedy for insomnia. Regular sleep is very important for skin and overall recovery. It’s possible that the peptides didn’t have much effect, and what worked was glycine, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

What I wrote two paragraphs above is quite important. We won’t see a difference in the depth of wrinkles, because every day we see our face in the mirror, we get used to it. Only if we compared ourselves using supplements for 10 years and ourselves not using, the difference will be striking. Studies make it possible to predict what the effects will be, because doctors accurately measure the depth of wrinkles in many people using the supplements at the same time and compare them with a group that does not take them. Such a thing makes it possible to detect even small changes that are not noticeable on a daily basis.

Cysteine, described in a separate chapter, also has its 5 minutes here. In the study, it clearly protected the skin from damage from, for example, nicotine smoke, thereby protecting it from the formation of wrinkles caused by them.

Not much more can be said here. You simply have to take care of your skin, don’t smoke, don’t eat a “junk” diet, don’t allow deficiencies of key nutrients for collagen, such as vitamin C, use revitalizing creams (it’s hard to recommend something specific, as there are hundreds of new products on the market every year), do gentle massages.