Beautiful hair

There will be nothing too revealing in this chapter. I’m not a beauty expert, so I’ll refer you to women’s forums or portals for a solid dose of knowledge. I will only highlight some publicly available information that you may have missed.

In women, hair very often falls out due to nutritional deficiencies caused by excessive weight loss. The most important in this case is iron. Ferritin levels in the blood should be tested. Such damaged hair will not begin to regenerate if the level of this substance does not exceed 50 μg/l. Note: ferritin test done during the infection, or even a month after its recovery will give an artificially high result.

In the following study, an even higher value is suggested; only after exceeding 70 μg/l does hair return to its normal growth cycle:

In men, the cause is usually androgenetic alopecia. Here there are not too many “natural” ways, fortunately there are quite cheap drugs. The drugs sometimes have serious side effects, including permanent loss of libido and sexual performance. At the moment there are no studies that have shown the effectiveness of vitamin therapies against this affliction, which is quite obvious, after all, it is not a disease caused by a nutritional deficiency, but a natural process.

There are herbal therapies that have been shown to be effective in preliminary studies. One of them is simple pumpkin seed oil:

400 mg of oil per day for 24 months had a clear effect in terms of a marked increase in the amount of hair and reversal of lesions. However, it’s hard to judge whether the results of this study are reliable. It didn’t use pure oil, but a supplement that included more than a dozen different substances, each with some sort of effect. Pure oil was tested only in mice, where it had a positive effect.

Instead of oil, you can simply eat pumpkin seeds, which, at least in theory, should have the same effect. 400 mg of oil corresponds to less than 5 grams of pumpkin seeds. I don’t want to believe that such low doses could have produced such a large effect as occurred in the above clinical trial; moreover, reviews on online forums confirm that the oil alone is unlikely to work.

Sabal palm extract, which, along with other herbs, gave a clear therapeutic effect in the study, is quite strong:

The studies typically used a supplement standardized to about 300 mg of fatty acids per day.

The condition of hair largely depends on the blood supply to the skin. All kinds of oils and hair rubs are very effective. It’s hard to advertise a specific product here, of course, but as a rule they have one thing in common: they work on the skin, not on the hair itself.

Several nutritional deficiencies can sometimes be deadly for hair. Among the most common are zinc and biotin. These two should be supplemented when weakness is suspected.

Very often, thyroid problems are improperly treated, one of the complications of such poorly managed therapy can be extreme hair weakness. There is no good advice here either, no one through the website will write a prescription for the correct dose of the hormone.

Nizoral can sometimes be a blessing. What we think of as dandruff is often a fungal infection, in which case washing with such a shampoo several times can solve the problem. Symptoms include an itchy scalp, easier hair loss and severe dandruff. Immune boosting, especially zinc and cysteine supplementation, is also effective.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common condition. The cause is probably a reaction of the skin to the metabolic products of one of the common yeasts. It has it on the head of each of us, but only in hypersensitive people its presence will cause an inflammatory reaction. This can be compared to an allergy. Nizoral helps, as well as supplementation with zinc and vitamin B6, which reduces the scalp’s secretion of “food” for this microorganism.

In some people, problems can be caused by demodex, miniature worms that live in hair follicles and sometimes severely irritate with their droppings. It’s hard to self-diagnose, but if someone is convinced they have an excess of them, immune boosting helps, and ad hoc tea tree oil, soap with sea buckthorn oil. Of the heavier artillery, permethrin is effective.