This will be an extremely short chapter. It is known that the condition of blood vessels is important. It is known that it not only allows you to prolong life, but also its quality, since ischemia can lead to mobility problems or cause dementia. Nevertheless, all the “tricks” are described on a separate page and there is no point in repeating them here.

In very general terms: all we really need is a proper diet, which protects us almost 100%, and if we do not follow it, no supplements will save us, at most gently reducing the risk. One can only mention homocysteine, high levels of which will destroy blood vessels even with a good diet.

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However, if someone prefers to read the information here, I give an extract of the most important:

The basis for preventing atherosclerosis is diet. The only one that has a scientifically proven effect is the Ornish diet, which is a vegetarian, almost vegan low-fat diet. The key is the almost complete elimination of saturated fat, meat, and eating food in as unprocessed a form as possible.

Adequate exercise is very important, with it being much more important to avoid long periods of immobility than active exercise. It is better to walk several times a day for a total of 2 hours than to run once for an hour. This can be achieved by incorporation periods of activity into daily life, walking around the office instead of sending an email to a co-worker, getting off one stop earlier, walking to a distant store, or even working or reading a book while standing up.

Of supplements, omega 3 fatty acids will be important, with only a deficiency being dangerous; someone who has fairly good levels will not benefit from additional supplementation. Equally important is a high level of magnesium, its deficiency greatly increases the risk of heart attack. But it cannot be counted on to provide full protection against the disease.

Lowering homocysteine levels, that is, supplementation with vitamins B12, B6, B9 (folic acid) and possibly betaine, not to be confused with betaine HCL, may be of great importance. However, this has not been proven so far.

Equally hypothetical so far is the role of choline and carnitine, there is a lot of evidence that they can greatly enhance atherosclerotic lesion growth, but still no convincing definitive clinical trial.