The substance is mainly present in meat, so its supplementation is especially important for those extending their lives with a low-protein diet.

It is one of the most potent antioxidants, most importantly, crossing the blood-brain barrier. Not only does it scavenge free radicals and reduce AGEs (without going into details, this is the best thing a substance can do for those looking to extend youth), but it also directly affects cells, literally rejuvenating them. Mice that received carnosine had a youthful appearance into old age.

Because of its ability to regenerate collagen structures, it is used in anti-wrinkle creams, but this form will probably never work, since carnosine molecules are too large to pass through the skin. The rejuvenating effect comes from eating it.

It is a very popular supplement for athletes because of its ability to prolong submaximal exercise. Once your muscles are “charged” with it, you can exercise longer at high intensity.

In studies, it has proven to be quite an effective treatment for autism. No, that’s not a mistake in the text. Its supplementation reversed the symptoms compared to the group that received a placebo. It wasn’t a complete cure, of course, but nevertheless a very noticeable change in behavior, more contact with the environment and increased academic progress were achieved.

In healthy people it improves mood, I have personally experienced its effects myself and I don’t know how to put it, but it agrees with what others have written. It’s like being more aware of your surroundings, being more conscious of your mind, being able to focus your attention on several things at once. A rather subjective impression, but strong and clear.

Probably (because of its action on collagen) it can protect against some cardiovascular diseases, its action in the brain can reduce the effects of a stroke (if taken before it happens), studies suggest anti-cancer effects and cleansing the body of heavy metals.

Supplement with beta alanine, it’s best to buy a half-kilogram package right away, which will last for literally several years. In the first phase, you should “scoop” the body with larger doses, with it being better to start with one large one (2 grams) in the morning and then multiple smaller ones (0.5-1 grams) during the day. After some weeks or even months, to sustain the effect, half a gram a day or, for example, 2 grams once a week will suffice. Note: taking more in one serving will cause a very unpleasant, but completely harmless feeling of pinching all over the body.

In order for the body to produce carnosine from beta alanine, it needs histidine. This amino acid is usually in abundance, nevertheless, with the desire to quickly “recharge” the body, it can be in short supply, similarly, the supply can be very modest in people on low-protein diets, especially meatless diets. Therefore, in the first phase, one can additionally supplement with histidine, or take carnosine in pure form. Of course, you can use pure carnosine instead of beta alanine all the time, but (not counting the first phase) it won’t have a better effect, and the cost will be several times higher.

A word of warning for those who want to buy pure carnosine – I recommend reading the labels of supplements, often only underneath in small print it says “in the form of beta alanine”.

It is VERY important to take breaks every now and then, weaning off carnosine completely and taking only taurine for that time, in a dose of a few grams a day, broken up into several servings throughout the day. Beta alanine can completely block taurine access to cells, leading to severe deficiency.

For the curious, I recommend an article where all the potential positive effects of carnosine are described. However, it is heavily biased, with some of the studies drawing too far-reaching conclusions, and nothing is mentioned about the possibility of taurine loss, but nevertheless it is quite interesting to read, impressed by the number of studies cited, each of which yielded a positive effect: